Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's a girl! Oh wait, you didn't want to know? Too late! Only 13 weeks to ! I like to think of it as over three months so it doesn't seem as scary. We took a short tour of Babies R Us last week; a bit overwhelming, but that's why we did the short tour first. Buying a huge new LCD TV afterwards made it all better.

To celebrate my first week back on the dayshift I did almost nothing all weekend and I feel great! Last week we had already commenced the rearranging of rooms and general cleaning, so i didn't feel too guilty about being lazy. I did manage to clean some dishes and do laundry, so it wasn't too bad; some things just have to get done!

My new Roomba vacuum arrived Friday! So far I have only charged it up and did a spot test to make sure it works. The cats didn't seem to mind it at all, and followed it al lthe way around the room and to its docking station. With all of the rooms is disarray, there wasn't a good place to set it up for a full run. My plan is to use it for extra cleaning duty when I'm taking care of the baby. I can drop it off in a room while I'm changing diapers all day; or something to that effect.

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