Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week Eleven

It seems odd to number one's days in terms of weeks, but that is the way of the future parent. It's week eleven now and next on the list is week twelve's ultrasound. The week twelve doctor's visit is supposed to be the defining hurdle of when you know your baby is most likely healthy and nothing major is going wrong. We look forward to a sigh of relief afterwards. This whole baby business is scary when you are over thirty. If you believe all the statistics for every imaginable disease, defect, and deformity quoted you are bound to be freaked out! I was thinking about it the other day and estimated that pretty much every baby born to somebody over thirty would have two missing or deformed limbs, half a brain, and two heads. You wonder why expectant moms are so quesy all the time in the first trimester!

Still working midnights. I can't decide if I like it or not. The actual being at work and not having to deal with traffic is wonderful; plus I can wear dirty jeans and a sweatshirt instead of a pressed shirt and tie. My freetime, however, sucks. I sleep too much and my weekends are all screwed up. I feel like I get one extremely busy day off per week. I tried to keep to my schedule last night (Friday night). I got up and took a shower to kick off my normal midnight-shift-style day, wandered around the house for a few hours looking out into the dark, cold night, then went back to bed. So, I am left with another busy Saturday for my weekend. I did get a lot done this morning though.

7:00 AM: Clean out the garage; well at least most of it. I still need to take a bunch of summer items downstairs so they don't freeze. 8:00 AM: I pull up in the grocery store packing lot just as the doors open. I still ended up waiting in line for 15 minutes at the deli counter since the two old ladies in front of me bought enough lunch meat and cheese for a large gatehring. The rest of the trip went smoothly and I was out home before 9:00! I also managed to stop by the Saturn dealer this morning.

Do I buy a new car? Do I keep the one I have? Do I buy a used car? As much as i love cars I hate making this decision. Last time I spent more than I planned on a car that I only kinda, sorta like. Back in the summer I was looking at the new Auras and used Volvo XC70s. I decided it would be cheaper to just stick with my VUE for now and wait, even though I have a lot of miles. Then my Saturn dealer calls me this week and tells me I can get 0% financing. Well, a new Aura would cost the same as my old, out of warranty, and needing an $800 set of tires VUE. It's very tempting indeed! We'll see what happens. What I really want in the Volvo, but that would cost more and I don't need any extra expenses when we will be going down to one income in July.

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