Saturday, October 27, 2007

Year of the Blog

After just over a year of blogging it's time to reflect on what I've started and where to go from here.
Firstly, this blog has been pretty lame. I decided to start blogging for two reasons. First, I was out of a job and bored with being home by myself all the time. I saw it as a possible outlet but never fully utilized the resource. Secondly, I was out of a job and was looking for ways to make some money while I looked for a job. I was a bit more successful in this regard than the first and made some extra cash during the long winter of unemployment.

Where to go from here?
For starters, my Good Eats blog has become more popular than I had ever imagined. Anywhere from 25 to 100 surfers visit every day now. I think it's time I put in some more effort and be more consistent with my updates now that I seem to have a following.

Secondly, I think revamping and reviving some of my other blogs might be a good idea with the cold Northern winter approaching. This blog may still yet become an outlet for sharing my days and the coming changes of my immediate future. I'm expecting a lot of change in 2008 and having my own chronicle might be nice for reflection. I also have a rather large stockpile of pictures fromt eh past year or so that would make reviving my photography blog worth the effort.

So, we'll see where this project goes this year. I'm starting by updating my Good Eats blog today and creating a fresh slate for this one. Wish me luck!

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