Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Moved to a new blog

Since the arrival of my daughter I've decided to move to a new blog; and this one I actually update almost daily.

Find me here at my new blog: One SAHD Dude

Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's a girl! Oh wait, you didn't want to know? Too late! Only 13 weeks to ! I like to think of it as over three months so it doesn't seem as scary. We took a short tour of Babies R Us last week; a bit overwhelming, but that's why we did the short tour first. Buying a huge new LCD TV afterwards made it all better.

To celebrate my first week back on the dayshift I did almost nothing all weekend and I feel great! Last week we had already commenced the rearranging of rooms and general cleaning, so i didn't feel too guilty about being lazy. I did manage to clean some dishes and do laundry, so it wasn't too bad; some things just have to get done!

My new Roomba vacuum arrived Friday! So far I have only charged it up and did a spot test to make sure it works. The cats didn't seem to mind it at all, and followed it al lthe way around the room and to its docking station. With all of the rooms is disarray, there wasn't a good place to set it up for a full run. My plan is to use it for extra cleaning duty when I'm taking care of the baby. I can drop it off in a room while I'm changing diapers all day; or something to that effect.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Blahs and the Coming Sunshine

Man, this winter is nasty! I haven't seen so much snow in years. I don't mind the snow so much as the cold. It has been extra cold, with little one day warm-ups to get you outside only for it to drop off again. Right now there's a foot of snow on the ground, but it's been raining all morning. So much for my grocery shopping outing!

On a better note: I only have two more weeks of working midnights! At first I was sad thinking about rejoining the hectic pace of the daytime workplace with two hundred other people. But what really made me happy was spending some time with my wife this weekend and knowing I'll be able to do a lot more of that soon. I really miss having a full weekend. We also have a lot of things to do around the house to get ready for the baby in June, so being back on a nromal schedule will help.

Another thing to boost my spirits is I get to visit my parents in Charleston in April. I wish my wife could go with me, but she won't be in a state for traveling by then.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Week 20: Getting There Slowly

Week twenty and the baby is doing jsut fine. Of course, it was stubborn at the ultrasound the other week and we don't know if it's a boy or girl, but we weren't going to tell you all anyhow :-)

I'm still stuck on midnights at work and that has been adding to my usual winter blahs. It seems that all i do is work or sleep now. It's hard to wake up at 10PM on your day off and want to even think about getting out of bed. This combination of midnight living and bitterly cold weather has also stifled some projects I need to accomplish before th ebaby comes in June; chifly painting a few rooms and having the carpets steam cleaned. Without being able to open the windows, or have enough natural light for painting, I'll just have to put these projects off until at least April.

On the other hand, I am starting to think about furniture for the baby's room and may attempt to build a bookcase or something to go in there. I've been wanting to get into woodworking for some time, being an avid watcher of Yankee Workshop, but have not had the time, money, or courage to set out on that path. This may finally be my excuse to go out and buy a few more tools and do something creative. Speaking of creative....

We bought our first sewing machine last weekend! So far I have figured out how to run the thread through and stitched a couple pieces of scrap material together. My lofty goal is to get into quilting while the main reason for buying the machine is to make baby clothes and new curtains. Curtains alone will cover the cost of the machine!

The other looming project on my horizon is to get my blogs up to speed and maybe even add a new blog or two if time permits. I've always dabbled with my Good Eats blog, but my Disney blog has been dormant since last Spring and this blog has also suffered neglect. With the prospect of being a stay at home dad coming quickly I need to figure out a way to channel all my pent up social energy and this may help, as it did when I was out of work last year.